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So…why I changed things…

Posted by beckymiller75 on November 25, 2017 in Build My World, Quintessential, that explains things, writing |

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I originally started writing BMW in 2002.   Since it has taken me so long to get back to the series, I wanted to update a few things, like flip phones and answering machines.  I was really surprised how often I had someone snapping their phone closed.  But since most of us don’t do that anymore, and I doubt those members of One Direction have flip phones these days, I had to change a lot of the wording.

See the thing is, I don’t want the books to be dated.  I wrote this in the early 2000s, but  I didn’t want anyone to read it and be able to place it in that time period.  I also had to change or remove the names of a lot of arenas, which was disappointing because I did a lot of research!  And there are Denny’s in cities where there weren’t in 2003.  (The restaurant chain is citied often in BWM.  Like a lot.  So much so that it’s a joke…it’s supposed to be.)

There was something that happened in the world in 2001 that was referenced in my book.  Back when I wrote this, it seemed appropriate to have September 11, 2001 have an influence on the story line, but there is nothing that dates a book more than putting an actual date in the text.  The events on September 11 did not have direct impact on my characters, so I felt I could remove it without changing much.

I also wanted to change the covers.  There were several reason for updating the covers.

First, I just wanted them to look better.

Secondly, I didn’t want the covers to look like romances.  Sure, they are romances; they are about finding love and happiness, but I like to think they are about more.

And lastly, I wanted a theme to run throughout the whole series.  You can see from the covers that there is a road on the cover of each book.  I chose the road theme to symbolize the journey.  My mom said to me after she read the first book : It was good, but I knew how it was going to end.  I said: That’s fine, but did you know everything that was going to happen in the middle? 

That’s life right?  We know how it’s going to begin and how it’s going to end.  It’s the middle that’s the journey.




So…my characters are Christians…

Posted by beckymiller75 on November 22, 2017 in Quintessential, that explains things, writing |

A long, long time ago I met another woman through a message board.  We both liked to write, so we exchanged stories.  I don’t remember, exactly. but I think she read both BMW and Save Me.  At any rate, she made the comment to me that it was unbelievable that a group of friends that large […]


So…about how Justin Timberlake saved my life…

Posted by beckymiller75 on November 21, 2017 in that explains things |

Okay, admittedly, that title is a little extreme.  JT did not literally save my life…. Let’s back up and explain some things.  I am a fan girl from way back.  Remember NEW KIDS on THE BLOCK, like before they were NKOTB?  I do.  That was my jam.  I love a good boy band. Well, let’s […]


So…here’s how it started…

Posted by beckymiller75 on November 21, 2017 in Build My World, Quintessential, writing |

So, I have been asked by at least one person how I got started writing these books.  Well, to be honest, it started as a vision. Yeah, I know, I sound crazy.  But, I had a vision of a girl and a guy standing in a kitchen of some sort of RV or something of the […]

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